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About the program

 Under the umbrella of the nonprofit Studio 878 Trust established by Naomi Turner, Adam in Chatham offers this program - Chance to Dance. The program subsidized by grants and charitable donations.

Generally, the pursuit of ballroom training is prohibitively expensive. It not only requires private training with a true professional, but dance shoes for growing feet, regulation dance wear, competition fees, and travel expenses. Adam in Chatham and Studio 878 Trust are helping to provide all of the above for young students, many of whom have extremely limited financial



Boosts confidence


Encourages creativity


Promotes health and well-being


Fosters community and teamwork


Develops social skills


Creates a sense of community


Improves focus


Offers access to a competitive yet safe environment


Provides a platform for exercising dedication and commitment

You can make a difference

Help us share the joy of ballroom dance with deserving young people in our community!

Under the umbrella of the non-profit Studio 878 Trust directed by Naomi Turner, Adam in Chatham is able to offer this program,. Chance to Dance is supported by grants and charitable donations. In addition to dance lessons, the program covers the cost of dance shoes, regulation dance wear, costuming, and all fees associated with competition. 


The kids, their families, and our entire dance family thank you for supporting us in whatever way you can – as we continue to do our work in strengthening the community through dance. 




Chance to Dance is also supported by the Chatham and Massachusetts Cultural Councils.

Adam in Chatham's CHANCE to DANCE Youth Ballroom Scholarship Program operates under the umbrella of Studio 878, a non profit 501(c)(3) organization. 

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