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Adam in chatham ballroom dance



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Our Chance to Dance youth classes are by appointment. For new students interested in exploring the program, we encourage you to begin with our open beginner/intermediate class.
Beginner/Intermediate Youth Ballroom
9–9:40 AM
Open to all ages 6–9
Free ($5 suggested donation)
First come, first served (8 max per class)

About the program

Under the umbrella of the nonprofit Studio 878 Trust established by Naomi Turner, Adam in Chatham offers this program - Chance to Dance. The program subsidized by grants and charitable donations.

Generally, the pursuit of ballroom training is prohibitively expensive. It not only requires private training with a true professional, but dance shoes for growing feet, regulation dance wear, competition fees, and travel expenses. Adam in Chatham and Studio 878 Trust are helping to provide all of the above for young students, many of whom have extremely limited financial resources.

You can make a difference

Help us share the joy of ballroom dance with deserving young people in our community!

Under the umbrella of the non-profit Studio 878 Trust directed by Naomi Turner, Adam in Chatham is able to offer this program,. Chance to Dance is supported by grants and charitable donations. In addition to dance lessons, the program covers the cost of dance shoes, regulation dance wear, costuming, and all fees associated with competition. 


The kids, their families, and our entire dance family thank you for supporting us in whatever way you can – as we continue to do our work in strengthening the community through dance. 

The benefits of ballroom dance for young people include:

  • Boosts confidence

  • Encourages creativity

  • Promotes health and well-being

  • Fosters community and teamwork

  • Develops social skills

  • Creates a sense of community

  • Improves focus

  • Reduces anxiety

  • Offers access to a competitive yet safe environment

  • Provides a platform for exercising dedication and commitment



Supported in part by



Adam Spencer

Allison Coleman

American Tent and Table

Anchor Inn Hotel, Provincetown

Andrew Wiggin

Anita Harris and Carol Lewis

Barbara Wynter

Carol and Dave Penfield

Carolyn Phillips and Stephen Burwick

Catherine Avellar

Chatham Merchants Association

Charles A Frates III

Chris and Sarah Rhinesmith

Christine Harvey

Daniel and Deborah Foley

David Cox of Droning Provincetown

Deb Robinson

Dottie Beaton

Doug & Sandy Dapprich

Earle and Dorothy Beaton

Eileen Dubois

Elinore Barrett

Gail Rundlett, Commonwealth Classic

Gregory Heyl and Eric Riley

Henri and June Rauschenbach in honor of Yongjun Song

Jan LaTanzi

Janet and Gerald Carrus Foundation

Janine and Richard Perry

Jay Dapprich

J.C. Stahl

Jill Goldsmith

Joan Konopka

Joan Preston, in memory of Patricia Salmon
Jodi Nolan

Joyce and Robert Angelelli

Julia and Mark Casady and the One Step Forward Foundation

Kim Marsh

Loris Van Lare

Lyn Wilkinson, The Pilates School

Madonna Hitchcock

Marc and Dawna Nocera of the Eastern United States Dancesport Championships

Margaret M. McCarthy

Marion Fischer 

Meg McCarthy

Marie Hayes

Mary Delaney

Mike and Margaret Tompsett

Nancy Black

Nancy Fortini

Naomi Turner and David Veach

Nora Mann

Norah Dale Allen and Jim Reid

Olivia Pfleger (student who donated back her competition prize money!)

Pat Toalson and Kate Mitchell 

Pat Viglirolo

Patricia A Moynihan and James J Moynihan

Pamela Norman

Richard Costello in memory of Wendy Wade Costello

Rick and Donna Morris

Rosanne Annoni and Richard E Hunt

Roslyn Coleman

Ruth and John Fleischman

Ryan Kenner Photography

Stephania and James McClennen

Stephen S Daniel and Mary Beth Daniel

Susan and Roger Carroll

Thomas and Madonna Hitchner

Tom and Deena Saidneway of Commonwealth Classic

Tony and Tricia Ares in memory of Elaine Chase

Tracy & Bill O'Neill

Tricia Ares

Vicki Goldsmith

Women's Club of Chatham

Yu Lan Lin

Adam in Chatham's CHANCE to DANCE Youth Ballroom Scholarship Program operates under the umbrella of Studio 878, a non profit 501(c)(3) organization. 

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