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Lisa Jason

R-DMT, Dance Movement and Expressive Therapist

Part of AIC Dance Health


Lisa Jason is a Registered Dance Movement Therapist, holds a degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling and Dance Movement Therapy, and is a member of the American Dance Therapy Association.


With a career of over 30 years in the performing arts and over ten years involved in various areas of the helping field, she designs creative arts programming and workshops that integrate the arts as an adjunct to the therapeutic and recovery process for groups and individuals. Her most recent work has been focused on trauma and creating expressive arts programming for victims of sexual violence. Lisa is a professional and classically trained dancer, singer, teacher, and choreographer, as well as a recording artist, songwriter, writer, and performer.  Lisa has also worked extensively with the professional dance and disability community in New York City and Boston, as a dance educator, choreographer, and movement coach.

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