Chance to Dance online classes are made possible by the Studio 878 Trust. If you would like to make a tax deductible contribution to help support this program, please click here.

Classes held via Zoom. Please look at the schedule and let Adam know which lectures and classes you may want to take part in, and we will send you an invitation to join.

Mondays at 4 PM

Sam's Video Flash Mob

Get it on the action this summer to learn the choreography for an awesome flash mob!


Sam will teach you sections of the dance each week, touching base with you via Zoom each Monday. You'll also have your own Facebook group to connect on in between sessions.


Toward the end of the series, you will all be able to film yourselves dancing and we'll edit it together for a Facebook premiere of the dance.

Wednesdays at 4 PM

Cookies & Milk with Brandon

Zoom it up with Brandon each Wednesday afternoon for a little dose of whatever you need most!

Perhaps you want to dance, rehearse, or ask questions. Or maybe you just want to chat! 


Brandon is here not only to help you with your dance "homework" - but to check in to make sure you all are healthy and happy. 

Big groups are fun... small group are cool, too. If you want to schedule some one-on-one time with Brandon, contact us at to book a private chat.

Thursdays at 4 PM

Angel's Film Bonanza



June 4



June 11

Annie (1982)


June 18

Another Cinderella Story


June 25

Dance Makes Everything Better: Choose a movie that doesn’t have any dancing, but you think would benefit from it! Explain where the dancing scene(s) should go, and why they would improve the movie in your opinion.


July 2

Center Stage (PG-13 Warning)


July 9

High School Musical


July 16

Mary Poppins


July 23

Mary Poppins Returns


July 30

Timeless: Dancing in film is timeless! The last two weeks we watched a movie and its sequel which were released 54 years apart; did you see similarities in the dancing styles? What things about the dancing speak to the time the movie was released, and what aspects of the dancing are ‘timeless’?


August 6

Step Up (PG-13 Warning)


August 13

Happy Feet


August 20

White Christmas


August 27

Hairspray (PG-13 Warning)


September 3

Character of Dance: We’ve spent the last three months diving into dancing in cinema; meeting characters from all walks of life and watching them sing and dance their way through a movie plot. Now it’s your turn to create a character of your own! Choose a ballroom dance style, and create a character inspired by that style of dance. Come up with a name, a list of at least three personality traits,  and then identify their favorite hobby, favorite food, and favorite color!

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